Meet Our Team


Ann Sobey

For Ann Sobey, home design and building runs in the family. As a child, she watched her dad combine hard work and the vision for something great to turn a piece of empty land into a stunning new home community. From watching families move into their newly built homes to making a home for herself in one of her father’s beautiful developments, Ann has always lived right in the heart of this business.

Ann was able to follow in her father’s footsteps when she officially joined the company in 1984, working behind the scenes to support its success. When her father passed away, Ann stepped into the position of overseeing the family business. As President of Garrett Homes, Ann surrounds herself with a team of skilled professionals and is “proud to continue the company’s excellent reputation for building quality homes and neighborhoods.”

Steve Orr
Director of Development and Construction

Steve oversees the building and land development portion of Garrett Homes. He is the visionary behind our scenic communities and exceptional home designs. In his 45 years of experience in commercial and residential construction, Steve has worn almost every hat in the industry, from builder/contractor and project manager to land developer and homeowner! His goal is to build communities that balance exquisite site development with beautifully finished homes to create unique, high quality living.

“The greatest thing about being a part of Garrett Homes is the opportunity to hire and work with the best possible team members. Each person is uniquely qualified to perform their jobs. The team is highly focused and devoted to building and delivering a great home for our clients.”


George Kallapure
Vice President of Construction and Purchasing

George fully understands what goes into producing high quality homes. For more than 20 years, George has worked in new home sales, marketing, management, finance, and purchasing, all leading him to his current position at Garrett Homes. In working with the best trade partners and the highest quality materials, George ensures the best value for all Garrett Homes clients.

“We strive to deliver the best possible home value to each of our customers. Through long-standing partnerships with our suppliers and tradesmen, we bring you an exceptional complete home filled with extensive features and amenities, right from the start.”


Brian Yamarino
Project Manager

Brian has worked in the home building industry for 30 years as a builder and project manager. He is responsible for managing the daily operations in the Garrett communities from scheduling to quality control and everything in between. Over the years, he has welcomed the transition to more modern and efficient homebuilding methods and technology, as well as improved materials and designs. He enjoys working with the team at Garrett Homes.

“I appreciate the collaborative atmosphere and the ownership we feel at Garrett, our input contributing to the success of the company. We are a team that feels like family.”

Susan Borowski
Director of Sales and Marketing

Susan joined Garrett Homes in 2017 with an invaluable 13 years of experience in the home building industry. Having worked her way from Sales Consultant to Vice President of Sales for the nation’s largest homebuilder, Susan temporarily put her career on hold to focus on being a mom. She has now returned, and along with her extensive experience and wealth of industry knowledge, Susan’s infectious enthusiasm for home building make her an esteemed sales and marketing professional.

“I’m passionate about helping my clients find the perfect home design, features, and location that are uniquely right for them. I understand this can be an exciting yet stressful time. I use my expertise to navigate them through the process, so they can truly enjoy the experience of building their dream home.”

Annette Cook
Real Estate Broker

Annette’s remarkable success as a real estate broker stems from her proven ability to build and maintain relationships not only with her clients, but also with an impressive network of industry professionals. She takes the time to listen to her clients so she can effectively address their needs and concerns. Her diligent focus allows her to successfully represent buyers looking for new home construction in the Oakland/Macomb area.

“To most people, building a new home might very well be the most important decision they’ve ever made; patience and understanding as a real estate Broker are absolute requirements!”